Our rigid and high standards for privacy, confidentiality and respect for Panel members are the cornerstones of our value system and culture.

1. The identity and personal information of individual Panel members will remain private and confidential at all times. This includes your name, address, phone number and e-mail address. This information is stored in a confidential and encrypted database and is only accessible by authorized TCAP staff. Also, your name will never be connected with your survey responses.

2. TCAP will never sell, lend or lease the names or other privileged contact information of Panel members under any circumstances.

3. TCAP will not sell or try to sell Panelists anything – we are not in the business of selling products or services.

4. You choose when to participate – if you choose not to participate in a survey or study, we respect your right to do so. You may also leave the panel at any time by letting us know by e-mail or letter – we will not try to persuade you to do otherwise.

5. When you Join on Line – you’re doing so over a secure server.

If you have any questions about our Confidentiality and Privacy Policies and Practices, e-mail us at Info@caregiversadvisorypanel.com or call us Toll Free 1-877-595-6227.


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