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Few Family Caregivers Seek Product Advice from HME/DME Staff,

New Study Reveals


A New Report Provides Strategic Advice to HME/DME Dealers



CHARLESTOWN, R.I. (May 15, 2001) – Only 8 percent of family caregivers say home medical supply store staff have a lot of influence on their decisions regarding purchases of caregiving health products, according to a new nationwide survey of over 1200 family caregivers. Pharmacists have more than twice as much influence and physicians five times as much. Additionally, only 11% of caregivers who participated in the study said they were very likely to turn to home medical supply store staff for practical information on caregiving, compared to 59% for home health professionals and nurses (in hospital/doctor’s office) combined, 42% for doctors, 37% for specialty therapists and 20% for pharmacists.

“The results suggest that many HME/DME stores have yet to take advantage of the great opportunity to increase sales and build customer loyalty by positioning themselves as a resource for caregivers”, said Paul Alper, founder and president of The Caregiver’s Advisory Panel, Inc. (TCAP) which conducted the survey.

Alper noted that there are more than 25 million caregiving families in the United States and that 79 percent of family caregivers say they make all or nearly all of the purchases of home health care products

“The staff of HME/DME stores would be a logical place for these millions of caregivers to learn more about caregiving products, but that’s not yet happening,” Alper said.  “HME/DME stores have a significant opportunity to reach out to these caregivers and give them the information and advice on products that could make their caregiving easier.”

The study involved a survey of more than 1,200 members of The Caregivers Advisory Panel, Inc. (TCAP), all of whom provide care to someone who needs assistance as a result of an illness, a disability or the aging process.  Survey participants came from across the country and represent virtually all caregiving situations and circumstances.  A special report, based on the survey results is being released on May 15, 2001: The Caregivers Report – Strategic Insights for HME Providers.

“DME/HME stores should make efforts to position themselves as providers of information as well as products,” Alper said.  The report contains over 20 strategic insights and recommendations for how HME providers could accomplish this – tactics they can immediately implement within their current business models.

Alper said he launched TCAP to create a market research and consulting practice for health care manufacturers, service providers, DME/HME stores and policy makers that completely focuses on understanding the needs, wants and opinions of family caregivers.

“To the best of our knowledge, there has not been a research company exclusively dedicated to really understanding the needs of family caregivers when it comes to home medical products, services and equipment” he said.  “This report gives voice to the needs of caregivers across the country.”

For more information about TCAP and this Report for DME/HME dealers, please call 1-877-595-6227 or visit

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