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Caregiving in the US - Needs, Issues and Insights
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Strategic Report and Data Digest

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Family Caregivers - An emerging and significant market segment

As the health care system is changing, the vital role of the family caregiver is slowly receiving increased national recognition. 

Family caregivers are partners in care provision, health care decision makers and significant purchasers of goods and services.

There are more than 25 million family caregivers in the United States.
Until now, no one has ever assembled a national panel of family caregivers to advise:

  • Health Care Manufacturers of:

              Respiratory Care
              Safety & Security
              Skin Care
              Wound Care

  • Legal & Financial Companies;

  • Education & Information Providers;
on the opinions, needs, wants and frustrations of family caregivers.

About The Caregivers Advisory Panel (TCAP)

Alper Associates, Inc., a leading health industry consulting practice, specializing in strategic marketing and business development, established The Caregivers Advisory Panel (TCAP) in July 2000 to provide market research and consulting for companies and individuals trying to develop and deliver products and services that meet the needs of caregivers and care recipients.

Paul Alper, President and Founder of both Alper Associates, Inc. and TCAP has over 25 years of strategic marketing and business leadership experience in the health industry.  To learn more about Paul Alper, please CLICK HERE

Complimenting the organization is a Board of caregiving and research experts.The Caregivers Advisory Panel Board of Advisors

TCAP panel members are individuals from all regions of the country who provide care or assistance to someone who needs help as a result of an illness, disability, or the aging process.  They reflect varied democraphic characteristics and caregiving situations.

Our Purpose:   When the Caregivers Advisory Panel sent out its first invitation letters to family caregivers to join its panel last summer, we had a vision of what TCAP could become:

          To provide a valuable strategic resource (providing research and consulting that drives innovation) for the manufacturers and providers of products and services that caregivers rely on to help keep their loved one well, safe, and comfortable - and most importantly, at home.

And in doing so, also helping create sustainable competitive advantage for our clients.

Key Milestones – in our short history we have:

  • Became the Preferred Research Partner of the National Family Caregivers Association (NFCA)

  • Formed collaborative partnerships with Children of Aging Parents and the Well Spouse Foundation.

  • Had thousands of caregivers from all regions of the U.S. join TCAP.

  • Developed relationships with multiple caregiver and caregiving support organizations and companies.

  • Achieved just under a 70% response rate to our first annual study – Caregiving in the US – Needs, Issues and Insights.

  • Had a number of leading manufacturers and providers subscribe to this study.

  • Been retained by manufacturers and providers for proprietary research projects.

  • Had articles written about us in the aging, trade and mainstream press.

To view articles from HomeCare magazine, Click Here.

To read the Star Tribune article, Click Here.

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  • Published a Special Report and Data Digest for HME/DME Providers – The Caregivers Report 

TCAP as a Strategic Information Resource for Your Organization

TCAP provides current, strategic, targeted information to health care manufacturers and service providers by conducting market research with our panel members.

How can we help your organization achieve its strategic goals & outcomes with family caregivers in the US?

We have a complimentary TCAP Resource Guide and would welcome the chance to explore the possibilities

We are a full service:

Market research firm and offer:

  • Qualitative (focus groups & one on one interviews)

  • Quantitative (mail, on-line, CATI) 

  • In-home product evaluations with family caregivers and those they care for

Business development consulting practice that is:

Results Driven

Strategically Focused

Please call us to:

  • Learn more about Caregiving in the US – Needs, Issues and Insights

  • Request your TCAP Resource Guide or 

  • Discuss how TCAP could provide a strategic resource and help create sustainable competitive advantage for your organization.

 The Caregivers Advisory Panel can help your company translate caregiver needs and wants into insight for innovation and market development by:

  • Providing valuable information from strategically insightful studies, such as Caregiving in the US - Needs, Issues and Insights
  • Participating in TCAP's Syndicated, Multi-sponsor and Omnibus Studies, and gain significant insight into client and family needs.
  • Conducting proprietary research or arrange for customized product evaluations with panel members in their homes.
We welcome the opportunity to discuss a collaborative relationship to create mutual value and sustainable competitive advantage. Call toll free 1-877-595-6227, or e-mail

Translating Caregiver Needs Into Insight For Innovation.


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